Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From Flab to Fab - Journey of my wife from her post pregnancy blues ...

I am trained in several forms of physical activity - Martial Arts , Boxing , Kettlebell , Bootcamp, Bikram Yoga and Pranayama Yoga .

While I believe there is no need to go to a gym for remaining fit I could not have got a better student than my own wife who was all flab post her pregnancy alongwith severe back pain. Now that she is back to her fitness best , I think it will benefit a lot of people to know the various techniques and methods used to bring her back to her original form.

A combination of all forms of exercising keeps me the fittest in the whole group of colleagues and friends in my circle.Here on , I will be adding my experiences and imparting my knowledge to all who are interested.


Post pregnancy my spouse was suffering from severe back ache.While several sessions with specialised physiotherapists did not seem to bring relief to her sate, I decided to experiment with my own set of wisdom.

1st phase

1) Pavanamuktasana

2) Pada-Hasthasana

3) Bhujangasana

4) Salabhasana


2nd Phase

6) Dhanurasana

7) Supta-Vajrasana

8) Ardha-Kurmasana

9) Ustrasana

10) Sasangasana

11) Janushirasana and Paschimotthanasana

12) Ardha-Matsyendrasana

13) Kapalbhati in Vajrasana

to be contd.....


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  2. Awesome dude .. Keep going :) I have a few doubts here ..

    1. Can yoga be practiced w/o anyone's supervision .. Am always suspicious if my back is hunched or my posture is not correct while doing the yoga postures .. What do you have to say for a beginner like me ?

    2. How early you could start yoga post baby ?

    3. What in case of C section ?

    1. Hi Sangeeta
      Thanks for reading the article. Please find my replies below : --

      1) I have divided the Yoga phases into two parts.While there is no alternative to having a trained teacher who could guide you, the 1st phase of asanas provided is simpler and can be done by most without much difficulty.I will soon be providing links which will suitably tutor interested people.Beginners can start with the 1st phase.

      2) Yoga or any form of exercise should ideally be started after 4 weeks after normal pregnancy.Now that's a minimum resting period I confirm for normal delivery.But again one should always listen to her body as all body types are different because mothers may need time to perhaps overcome pregnancy blues in most cases.
      If the woman is comfy she may go for short strolls initially as per the midwives here ( It helps to get rid of the extra fluid retained in the body).

      3) For C section i advise , they should not even think of doing anything till at least 6 weeks as it takes time for the wounds to heal.