Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(Un)Flavour of the season - Santosh Pandit

These days it has almost become a daily routine habit for me and my wife to entertain ourselves by entering the name "Santosh Pandit " in You Tube.Entertainment is readily available at the click of this name.

A lean dark skinned creature who always wears his characterstic designer suit with slippers , has buckteeth and always boasts of the Guniess record he holds and the ....that's the man we malayalees are so fond of these days to " Teri vilikyel "

So many interviews , so many songs , so many funny visuals , so many debates ... all centered around a so called " Alien Star " Santosh Pandit.Infact all the Malyalam TV channels are only have serious debates on one person - the great pandit and his fluke movie ...or was it a fluke ???

To be honest , I initially abused this man when he first uploaded his video on " Krishnenum Radheyum " ...... ' idiot will ruin the image of all malayalis .... as if one sreesanth was not enough we have one more monkey to be embaressed about' ...now that was my initial reaction.

But today when I see the whole world against this one man .... I side with him and ask one simple question ..... What crime has this man commited ? Has he killed anyone ? Why is he being invited to public debates where eminent personalities circle him and abuse and try humiliating him ?? Kudos to this man who still accepts such invitaions and justifies ,clarifies and argues his point each time he is hit by the greats .... Also for doing an all in all in making a movie is indeed a commendable job.

It takes a lot of guts to actually to actually go to a place surrounded by your foes who are hell bent on demotivating and poking fun of you.Even the anchor will spare no stone unturned to demoralize him.

Looking at the good points of this pandit I observe the following : -
1) He has innovative lyrics and not the old fashioned poetic lyrics
2) He has good music sense
3) He has a lot of confidence and is an avid speaker
4) He is perhaps a very intelligent man which is why his movie is the talk of the town

Looking at the cons I feel he must refrain from singing as there are better trained people in the market.Also he has a long way to go before he becomes a good director.

I feel a proper grooming can give Malayalam industry our much wanted Sreenivasan like actor.

Give it a thought dear malayalees ....